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This month I hope to shed some light on Oracle's larger datatypes for those of you who like to do things big. Let's go straight to the deep end with stored procedures. They're faster and more secure than standalone queries. In the first instance, procedures are faster because a lot of the execution process has already been completed before runtime, as I mentioned in my previous article(CFDJ, Vol. 4, issue 6) (In that article I covered some of the many ways you can use Oracle with the rather humble-looking tag.) The reason is that the validation process is done at compilation time, so when you invoke the procedure from your ColdFusion template, all it has to do is run. Obviously, there are more generic benefits to using stored procedures, as they provide a degree of separation from your ColdFusion code, meaning that as long as the procedure call doesn't cha... (more)

Get More from Oracle with <CFQUERY> Part 1 of 2

Using opens up a whole range of Oracle functionality. This includes calling your own functions, formatting data ready for your ColdFusion templates, and using Oracle bind variables to reduce the load on your Oracle database. Lesson 1 in using Oracle with ColdFusion is that and don't work - the database is accessed using either or , the last mentioned being the focus of this article. Hopefully I can provide insight into the wide range of Oracle functionality that can be drawn into your ColdFusion templates by effectively util... (more)

Functional AJAX with Dojo

SitePen "Watercooler of the Open Web" Blog I frequently hear the question: "Does Dojo have an AJAX method that updates a div?" - The answer is that there's no Dojo-approved way of doing something like this. Updating a div is such an easy process, that implementing a de facto solution is not only extra code, but you also hit a wall as soon as you want to do "something more". The short and sweet solution looks something like this... I frequently hear the question: "Does Dojo have an Ajax method that updates a div?". The answer is that there's no Dojo-approved way of doing something ... (more)